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Hi, my name is dave, I did not get enough attention as a child!  I have decided to build this
website to try to make up for that deficiency!


It is my intent to remain committed to satisfy the nonsensical needs of Rhode Island motorists! If you get a kick out of what I do, that makes me happy! You either approve or disapprove, but I can assure you that my intentions are to relieve stress in everyday life and make the world a better place! I like to think of myself as a real life super hero that relieves stress in the world with nonsensical behavior! In other words I am going to bring a little bit of happiness to the world before I die! 

Scroll down and click on pictures to watch youtube videos that I made in my spare time....     Also, visit my facebook page at    to view the latest videos  because it is to time consuming to work with this site. Facebook makes it so easy, so why not use it.








Many more supportnonsense video's coming soon..

Go to  to be certain I am qualified to promote nonsense!

Why two websites?   The answer is because it is nonsensical.

Click on picture of my foot  to get to

My email address is

Your comments are always appreciated!


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